For Retailers

A better way to go from bought to sold.

Elastic inspires collaboration and engagement between retailers and brands with tools that not only drive sell-in but improve sell-through at retail.

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Stay one step ahead of your orders.

Easily place orders, track inventory, view your order history, and re-order with Elastic. That means your shelves stay stocked even when you’re selling strong.

Additional Features

Media Pack Download

Access all relevant media assets attached to any order in one simple click. Photos, vidoes, tech specs all in one simple download.

Order Status

Our highly functional and easy to access “orders widget” allows for visibility to all orders and their status in one simple view.

Order Tracking

Using the same widget as Order Status users can quickly click a link to a tracking number and gain real time access to when their order arrives.

Quick Inventory Download

Retailer can quickly select any catalog their permissions allow them to access, and download an inventory report for all available products in real time.

Excel Order Form – Export/Import

For retailers who still like to work from order forms, Elastic supports both an import and export of off line order forms.

Excel Upload

Any order can always be imported from excel and exported as excel or CSV files.

Online Payment

This retailer facing interface offers: payment processing, payment summaries, aging, invoices and monthly statements.

Barcode Scan

Simplify the buying process with our unique barcode scan feature.  Simply scan the product you like and add it to your cart.


A Buyer’s Perspective from Neptune Mountaineering

Erin Johnson, Apparel Buyer with Neptune Mountaineering, describes how Elastic is the best and most comprehensive wholesale purchasing platform for retailers.  Learn how Elastic’s enhanced order entry, merchandise planning, real-time inventory and cross-brand merchandising features help retailers streamline the product acquisition process and maximize retail sales.

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