From idea to inventory, simplified.

Elastic enables brands to present a curated product mix with a software tool that inspires engagement and collaboration between manufacturers and retailers. The days of heavy print catalogs and wasted resources are over. Enter, Elastic.



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All things wholesale in one simple spot.

Create localized content for unique user groups while offering all relevant sales information, all in one screen.

Anything print can do, digital can do better.

Present product in a more complete and compelling fashion by incorporating elements that simply cannot be duplicated in standard print.

Visualize your stock before it hits the shelves.

Create rich, curated product assortments on our digital platform with features that allow manufacturers to sell, and retailers to sell through.

Your line, the way you intended it.

Use Elastic’s whiteboard tool to collaboratively merchandise a thoughtful in-store vision that sets both brand and buyer up for success.

Customization, exactly the way you want it.

Elastic offers end to end product personalization integrated into the wholesale process.

Isn’t it time you stopped wasting resources on print catalogs?

Not only will you save on time and resources by digitizing the buying process, but you’ll print significantly less – benefiting the environment we celebrate with our brands every day.

See it, sell it.

Our “digital spreadsheet” and real time order analytics allows users to see the gaps in their buys, before the order is placed.

Cart Overview

Visualize orders in a dynamic grid while having the ability to edit quantities and drag product between shipments.

Cart Summary

Review how orders are breaking down via driven filters like color, gender, product type, and price range.

Don’t let Wifi troubles stop business from getting done.

We understand that sometimes you just need to work offline. Use our two internet independent features that keep orders flowing and product selling.


Our IOS app is designed to provide the user with all the tools needed to conduct business in a swift and efficient manner.

Electronic Order Form

If you prefer working with Excel, then use our classic order form to build orders the old fashioned way.

Get that money.

Elastic offers simple options to save the sale at retail, while managing terms and payment history.

Credit Card Processing

We not only offer retailers the ability to pay with credit card, but we also offer consumer payment with credit card – and they’ll have the product drop shipped to their home!

Online Payment Module

This retailer facing interface offers payment processing, payment summaries, aging, invoices, and monthly statements.

Additional Features


Any order can always be imported from Excel and exported as Excel or CSV files.

Order Proposals

Elastic offers branded and stylized order proposals that also double as a nice order follow up/packaging slip.


Use Elastic in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.

Multi-Brand Dashboard

Enterprise is our game and we love supporting multi-brand organizations on one instance.

Sales Campaigns

Communicate with your target audience and increase sales.

Case Study

Achieving Print-Free B2B Sales

The North Face (TNF) has achieved an industry first on par with their iconic brand by eliminating mass printing of B2B sales materials. Learn how TNF helped retail partners overcome reliance on traditional product catalogs and sales workbooks through the use of next-generation digital merchandising technology.  The results are greater process efficiency, cost savings, increased sales and a much more sustainable approach to B2B commerce.